U2 is a neo-grotesque, sans serif font, available in two “flavors” — regular and oblique — designed by Duarte Antão, Joana Tavares, & Maria Figueiredo in 2023. It claims its shape as an Univers Revival. The font’s name/logogram evokes a well-known graphic representation of the original source – the periodic table. It translates all the… Continue reading U2

Primeira (1.ª)

Primeira (1.ª) is a font that is born from the isolation of the characteristics that dictate the identity of a [Transitional] Scotch [Roman]. Designed by Catarina Ferreira & Ricardo Figueiredo in 2023. Starting from the visit made to the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, which aimed to consult… Continue reading Primeira (1.ª)

Schron Poltawski

Schron Poltawski, a Glyphic revival designed by Beatriz Fernandes, Joana Teixeira and Margarida Silva in 2022.

Schron Poltawski is based on a Glyphic (Old Style Geometric / Graphic or highly angled type of) typeface optimized for text and headlines, designed by Beatriz Fernandes, Joana Teixeira and Margarida Silva in 2022. This typeface was also presented during the 12th edition of the Typography Meeting. And was included in the respective book of… Continue reading Schron Poltawski


Chiswell is a Garalde typeface optimized for text and captions, designed by Ricardo Dantas in 2021. Its concept derives from the intersectional design space of two famous typographers – Caslon and Fournier. It aims for a sharp x-height and classic features providing an optical variation axis for small text size compositions, such as captions and… Continue reading Chiswell

Diamond Grotesk

Diamond Grotesk was a typeface designed by Mariana Braga, Marco Antunes, Beatriz Lima during the hybrid sessions of 2021. Heavily inspired by Akzidenz Grotesk, this typeface explores the aesthetic quality of the ink traps and diamond shapes (dots & cuts). (…) The aim of this project was to develop a font based on the existing… Continue reading Diamond Grotesk