Typeface Design Evaluation Criteria

The quality assessment (QA) or the evaluation of the quality of a typeface design is a very complex task, as it requires assessing the design’s technical, contextual, and aesthetic qualities.

Specimen showcase

Today was the first-semester class. During the next 15 weeks, I will [try to] bring a sample of different physical/printed type specimens to class. The only criteria are that they have to be bound books, booklets, magazines, journals, newspapers, or another book (ish) or editorial-based media. Class 1, 2022-01-08: Adobe Originals: Garamond Pro and Arno;… Continue reading Specimen showcase

Writing systems of the World

[This post is still a rough draft mainly citing Robinson’s book. Lacks additional sources such as Bright, Nakanishi and a few others. Also, examples of scripts!] Cuneiform Evolves from pictograms to wedge-shaped cuneiform signs in Sumer around 2500 BC. Evolved into Babylonian, Assyrian, Hitite. Used by the Akkadian and Elamites also. It evolved over the… Continue reading Writing systems of the World

Origins of Writing

Writing seems to have its origins in around 4000 BC. Several authors claim as writing signs dating from as early as 20 000 BC. But, for this context, we consider everything we are not sure of being a full writing system as proto-writing (Robinson, 2009). Writing is a “system of graphic symbols that can be… Continue reading Origins of Writing