Redaction: an original approach to variable font masters

This year’s edition of the Fontstand Conference was an amazing one-day event! The culture, design, and typefaces presented by internationally acclaimed type designers were mind-blowing. One such presentation was Jeremy Mickel’s. He presented us with this fantastic typeface. As a hybrid revival of Times and Century, it is an excellent Case Study to be further… Continue reading Redaction: an original approach to variable font masters

Unbounded: a new open source variable font

Unbounded, a recent typeface constitutes the kind of work expected from FBAUP’s typeface design students. Especially considering the contents and presentation in the interactive digital specimen. Although not explicitly sourced from historical exemplars (thus… not really a revival as we do in the master’s course), the type specimen presents the concept, anatomy features, character set,… Continue reading Unbounded: a new open source variable font

Specimen showcase

Today was the first-semester class. During the next 15 weeks, I will [try to] bring a sample of different physical/printed type specimens to class. The only criteria are that they have to be bound books, booklets, magazines, journals, newspapers, or another book (ish) or editorial-based media. Class 1, 2022-01-08: Adobe Originals: Garamond Pro and Arno;… Continue reading Specimen showcase

Adobe Garamond Pro

A medium-sized perfect binding booklet, with a heavy-sized colored paper warping the white cover. Nicely executed, no-nonsense specimen. Dust-cover Cover Hlaf-title and Title pages Historical information about Garamond Font development information Character sets and features Mockups Very complete and exemplar reference for anyone designing a specimen. “Just” missing a “Fonts in Use” section and maybe… Continue reading Adobe Garamond Pro