Almanaque is a digital typeface revival that varies in two styles and thicknesses, inspired by the old Portuguese almanacs. Designed by Alexandre Sousa, Leonor Aguiar and Marta Silva in 2023. Classified between a transitional and rational serif, it results from a creative process that involved the research and analysis of various type designs used in… Continue reading Almanaque

Legibility paper

João Figueiredo (Superv. Aprígio Morgado) Exercício sobre a (i)legibilidade da letra — Desenvolvimento de uma metodologia para a construção de tipos de letras reducionistas (paper published in the 11ET, and soon to be published dissertation research) This (paper) research presents a very clear and detailed methodology for conducting legibility studies with “semi-randomized” options. The theoretical… Continue reading Legibility paper

Invisible shapes

The final printed book edition of Ferreira's dissertation. To this day one of the best examples of the MDGPE.

Although this is not a work produced directly in this course, it was a master dissertation research by Carolina Ferreira that started and was supervised by the previous professor of this course, the Type Designer Dino dos Santos. And by my current colleague, professor Diniz Cayolla. As I’ve had the opportunity to do before, this… Continue reading Invisible shapes