Typographic Identities (Ph.D. presentation)

Proposed model of intermediation of place typography.

Today, Thursday, September 9 a UFSC/FBAUP Ph.D. examination will take place online, at 1:30 pm. This is a very interesting a relevant research to the Type Design course of the MDGPE master program mainly because the candidate —the researcher and soon to be professor Eduardo Napoleão— has not only actively participated in our type design… Continue reading Typographic Identities (Ph.D. presentation)

Invisible shapes

The final printed book edition of Ferreira's dissertation. To this day one of the best examples of the MDGPE.

Although this is not a work produced directly in this course, it was a master dissertation research by Carolina Ferreira that started and was supervised by the previous professor of this course, the Type Designer Dino dos Santos. And by my current colleague, professor Diniz Cayolla. As I’ve had the opportunity to do before, this… Continue reading Invisible shapes

SLOType Workshop 2021

SLOType workshop (FBAUP, 2020)

This week, in the type design course, we will have once again two invited guests co-lecturing the speculative type design workshop “SLOType”. This workshop is part of on-going research on creativity and type design education that has started in 2018 with Ana Catarina Silva (IPCD-ESD / ID+) and Julien Priez (@booypaper). In 2020 Eduardo Napoleão… Continue reading SLOType Workshop 2021