Primeira (1.ª)

Primeira (1.ª) is a font that is born from the isolation of the characteristics that dictate the identity of a [Transitional] Scotch [Roman]. Designed by Catarina Ferreira & Ricardo Figueiredo in 2023. Starting from the visit made to the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, which aimed to consult… Continue reading Primeira (1.ª)


Almanaque is a digital typeface revival that varies in two styles and thicknesses, inspired by the old Portuguese almanacs. Designed by Alexandre Sousa, Leonor Aguiar and Marta Silva in 2023. Classified between a transitional and rational serif, it results from a creative process that involved the research and analysis of various type designs used in… Continue reading Almanaque

Dutch Medieval Neo Humanist

Dutch Medieval Neo Humanist is a revival interpretation typeface, designed by Cíntia Funchal & Lucas Parra in 2023, based on a printed copy of Hollandsche Mediaeval, originally created in 1912 by S. H. de Roos. Hollandsche Mediaeval typography exerted a significant influence on the artistic milieu, leaving a lasting legacy in the history of typography.… Continue reading Dutch Medieval Neo Humanist


Antoinette is an original Garalde (AKA Aldine) typeface revival based on in the forms of the original Garamond typeface, by Beatriz Martinez, Carolina Ferreira, & Daniela Oliveira, in 2023. The family consists of two fonts, Antoinette Regular and Antoinette Slant to be used in small sizes like those of a running text. Attention to detail… Continue reading Antoinette