SLOType Workshop 2021

SLOType workshop (FBAUP, 2020)

This week, in the type design course, we will have once again two invited guests co-lecturing the speculative type design workshop “SLOType”.

Sketch analysis and digitization of shapes (IPCA, 2018)

This workshop is part of on-going research on creativity and type design education that has started in 2018 with Ana Catarina Silva (IPCD-ESD / ID+) and Julien Priez (@booypaper). In 2020 Eduardo Napoleão (UFSC / Unicamp) has joined the team. Together with Pedro Amado (FBAUP/i2ADS) they have already published the preliminary results of the research in the book Advances in Design and Digital Communication.

The workshop has its roots in the 2011 Agile Type Design workshop and type design classes taught at DeCA. Throughout the years, and especially with the introduction of unique methods and tools by Julien Priez it has evolved into its current form.

SLOType companion app (FBAUP, 2020)

Supported by Gerrit Noordzij’s “The Stroke” theory, and a custom digital creativity driver app —SLOType web app — it has been lectured in several editions. In the 5ET international Typography Meeting (2015), in the MDD Master at IPCA (2018–2021), at the ATypI international conference (2020), and at the MDGPE Master program at FBAUP (2019).

Results: (soon)

By Pedro Amado

Pedro Amado. Assistant Professor at FBAUP. Integrated researcher of the i2ADS research institute.