Antoinette is an original Garalde (AKA Aldine) typeface revival based on in the forms of the original Garamond typeface, by Beatriz Martinez, Carolina Ferreira, & Daniela Oliveira, in 2023. The family consists of two fonts, Antoinette Regular and Antoinette Slant to be used in small sizes like those of a running text. Attention to detail… Continue reading Antoinette

Adobe Garamond Pro

A medium-sized perfect binding booklet, with a heavy-sized colored paper warping the white cover. Nicely executed, no-nonsense specimen. Dust-cover Cover Hlaf-title and Title pages Historical information about Garamond Font development information Character sets and features Mockups Very complete and exemplar reference for anyone designing a specimen. “Just” missing a “Fonts in Use” section and maybe… Continue reading Adobe Garamond Pro