Chiswell is a Garalde typeface optimized for text and captions, designed by Ricardo Dantas in 2021. Its concept derives from the intersectional design space of two famous typographers – Caslon and Fournier. It aims for a sharp x-height and classic features providing an optical variation axis for small text size compositions, such as captions and… Continue reading Chiswell


Claredon*t is an Egyptian [clarendon] typeface designed by Ana Rita Antunes, Beatriz Gomes, Diana Pereira in 2021. The final module of the course program is usually distributed over a period of six to eight weeks. During this module, students are encouraged to work in groups. They are required to design a text typeface based on… Continue reading Claredon*t


Moderna is a geometric, linear, sans-serif, one-axis Variable Font. Heavily influenced by the geometric typefaces from the early twentieth century it provides an even color to text compositions. Designed by Beatriz Almeida, Diana Ferreira and Gabriela Moreira in 2021. Its main influences are fonts such as Futura (1927) by Paul Renner, Kabel by Rudolf Koch… Continue reading Moderna


Birrigon is a quirky, old-style inspired, soft-corner text typeface revival. Designed and produced by Beatriz Ribeiro, Gonçalo Estevão, and Rita Borges during 2021. Birrigon merges 5 different typefaces and feature influences: Walbaum, Normande, Goudy Old Style, Verona, and Bembo. From these, special attention was dedicated to preserving the proportions and spacing, especially from Walbaum. Designed… Continue reading Birrigon


Suggia is a didone serif typeface for general use. Designed and implemented by Marta Saraiva, Francisca Barros, Helena Barradas, and Margarida Tavares, Suggia font is characterized by the vertical axis, the narrow serifs, drop endings, and its great contrast. Suggia owes its name and design as a tribute to the famous cellist from Porto, Guilhermina… Continue reading Suggia

Diamond Grotesk

Diamond Grotesk was a typeface designed by Mariana Braga, Marco Antunes, Beatriz Lima during the hybrid sessions of 2021. Heavily inspired by Akzidenz Grotesk, this typeface explores the aesthetic quality of the ink traps and diamond shapes (dots & cuts). (…) The aim of this project was to develop a font based on the existing… Continue reading Diamond Grotesk